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Feature Dances
A Tiny Waltz LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Aug.2014 (Issue 220) 

Little Foxtrot LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jan.2011 (Issue 177) - Dance of the Month , No.8 Teaching Survey Chart

Baby Chihuahua
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jul.2013 - Teaching Survey by Alphabetical @ Jul 16,2013

Little Mockin' Bird Cha
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.29 / 50 Beginner Line Dance Chart @ Dec 18,2010

EZ Shanghai Surprise
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.16
Teaching Survey Chart
@ Dec 18, 2010

EZ Waka Waka
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.9 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 17, 2011

Baby, Just A Kiss BabyJustAKiss
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.4 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 23, 2011

Summer Wine
3rd place - 2004 Windy City Line Dance Mania (USA) Choerography Contest

Dances Taught

Hi, all instructors around the world, welcome to my web site.
Below are the latest dances I have taught in my classes.
Feel free to use it as a guideline for your classes. Have Fun !!!

 * Dance re-taught pooh Demo by Winnie Yu YT Demo by Choreographer

upside down corner Upside Down Corner
YT Demo by Pooh's Team Instructor or others

March 2015
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
29Break Me UpKate Salascriptvideo
28Glitter & GoldKate Salascriptvideo
27Mea CulpaPeter & Alisonscript
26Betty BoopSimon Ward, Jo & John Kinserscriptvideo
25*Little QuizasWinnie Yuscriptvideo
24*Summer WineWinnie Yuscriptvideo
23*Little Rumba ChaWinnie Yuscriptvideo
22*BrokenheartedWinnie Yuscriptvideo
21*2 ButterfliesWinnie Yuscriptvideo
20King Of The WorldHayley Wheatleyscript
19Love Doesn't Ask WhyEWS Winson & Jennifer Chooscriptvideo
18*Jack's BackPatricia E. Stott & Mike Cwykiascript
17Give Me a KissKong Qinlingscriptvideo
16Suite 215!Ria Vos & Neils Poulsenscriptsvideo
15*Who Did You Call Darling Mambo (a.k.a. Darling Mambo)Jo Thompson Szymanskiscriptvideo
14Melodia D'oriente (cha cha cha)Nina Chenscriptvideovideo
13Done With ItJannie Tofte Andersenscriptvideovideo
12Get Down On The FloorDaniel Whittakerscript
11*Little Apple EZWinnie Yuscriptvideo
10*A Tiny WaltzWinnie Yuscriptvideo
9*EZ Cheeky ChaWinnie Yuscriptvideo
8*Little FoxtrotWinnie Yuscriptvideo
7*YMCAWinnie Yuscriptvideo
6Darling Hold My HandNeville Fitzgerald & Julie Harrisscript
5Ain't No AngelMalene Jakobsen & Debbit McLaughlinscriptvideovideo
4Tippy Tippy ToesJose Miguel Belloque Vane, Miquel Menendez & Christina Boudewijnsscriptvideovideo
3Make It LouderRia Vosscript
2Let's Turn It Up!Niels Poulsenscriptvideovideo
1Dschinghis Khan (Variation)KH Lohscript

February 2015
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
17A Chinese RumbaKenny Tehscriptvideo
16BellaRaymond Sarlemijn, Darren, Bailey & Michel Platjescriptvideovideo
15ComebackDee Muskscript
14All You EverDee Muskscriptvideo
13The Way You LookDarren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Raymond Sarlemijnscriptvideo
12Say You Love MeJo & John Kinser & Brenda Shattoscriptvideo
11Shake Your Boom BoomMalene Jakobsenscriptvideovideo
10RunScott Blevinsscriptvideo
9Wakey WakeyJo Thompson & Scott Blevinsscriptvideo
8KizombaJose Miguel Belloque Vane & Dag Alexander Wienscriptvideovideo
7Something I NeedMaria Maagscriptvideo
6A Thousand MilesKarl-Harry Winsonscript
5123 Cha Cha ChaSally Hungscriptvideovideo
4Battle ScarsSimon Wardscriptvideovideo
3Hard To Say It!Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
2Blank SpaceAmy Glassscriptvideo
1Don't Dance AloneMaggie Gallagherscriptvideo

January 2015
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
47Twisted SisterGuyton Mundyscriptvideo
46 We Could Be Giants Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
45 Coffee Time Samba Ria Vos script
44 The Galway Gathering Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly script video
43 Earned  It Julia Wetzel script videovideo
42 LIPZ Maggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly & helen O'Malley script video
41 Love Me Like You Do Ria Vos script
40 Celebrate Guyton Mundy & Will Craig script video
39 Slave 2 the Rhythm Fred Whitehouse & Joey Warren script video
38 Hypnotized Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Raymond Sarlemijn script videovideo
37 Naega Jeil Jal Naga Aiden Fryer script video
36 A Thousand Reasons To Cry Sally Hung script video
35 Tomorrow Will Be Kinder Evelyn Khinoo script videovideovideo
34 Your Loving Arms Vikki Morris script video
33 Don't Let Me Down Robbie McGowan Hickie script
32 * Poker Face Craig Bennett script
31 Rumours Kenny Teh script video
30 All The Stars Malene Jakobsen script video
29 Modern Romance Kate Sala script video
28 Amazing Waltz Mayee Lee script video
27 FUnK U Up Junior Willis, Brandon Zahorsky, Scott Schrank, Sandy Rohrback Garrish script video
26 Our Guy! Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen script videovideo
25 Vroom Vroom Alison & Peter script
24 One More Day Julia Wetzel script video
23 * Timeless Winnie Yu script video
22 Ready For The Good Life Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
21 There Goes My Baby Raymond Sarlemijn & Michel Platje script video
20 Cadillac Ride Guyton Mundy script video
19 * Sweetheart Cha Bastiaan van Leeuwen script
18 Yes! Simon Ward & Jo Thompson script video
17 Sisters Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse script videovideo
16 If I Ever Fall In Love Again Maria Tao script videovideo
15 Runaway Maria Maag script videovideo
14 Too Blind To See Ria Vos script video
13 Qing Mi Ai Ren (The Beloved) Jennifer Choo, Wendee Chen, Ivy Low & Jasmine Leong script video
12 Messing About Gordon Timms script
11 Rock & Roll King Rachael McEnaney script video
10 I Just Wanna Celebrate Kate Sala script video
9 Start Again Jacob Ballard script
8 Bubbles Dahhhling Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen script videovideo
7 I Believe In Dreams Rep Ghazali-Meaney script video
6 What Do I Do Lilian Lo script video
5 Turn The Beat Around Rob Fowler & Dee Musk script video
4 Go Go Go Go Rachael McEnaney script video
3 McMotion Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney script video
2 For Always Together Sebastiaan Holtland & Marlene Shuller script video
1 How Will I Know Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney script video

December 2014 (2014排舞交流聯誼(歲末迎新)舞會)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
11 Goodbye Winnie Yu script videovideo
10 Little Apple Winnie Yu script videovideovideo
9 Monica Winnie Yu script videovideo
8 Go Go Copacabana Winnie Yu script videovideo
7 Banca Cha Cha Winnie Yu script videovideo
6 Quizas, Quizas, Quizas Winnie Yu script videovideo
5 Cha Cha For You 紅唇綠酒 Winnie Yu script videovideo
4 2 Butterflies 兩隻蝴蝶 Winnie Yu script videovideo
3 Brokenhearted 失戀 Winnie Yu script videovideo
2 Tong Hua Winnie Yu script videovideo
1 Summer Wine Winnie Yu script videovideo

December 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
35 Shake It Off Peter & Alison script
34 Paint The Town Green Peter & Alison script
33 Start Again Jacob Ballard script
32 Baby Sueño Malene Jakobsen script video
31 There Goes my Baby Raymond Sarlemijn & Michel Platje script video
30 * 2 Butterflies Winnie Yu script video
29 * Baby CuCu Winnie Yu script video
28 * Little Apple Winnie Yu script video
27 * EZ Hands Up Winnie Yu script video
26 * Black Coffee Helen O'Malley script video
25 * Cowgirls Twist Bill Bader script video
24 A Tiny Cha Cha Winnie Yu script video
23 * Start To Waltz Winnie Yu script video
22 Turkish Delight Ria Vos, Oli Geir & Shelly Guichard script video
21 * Laughter In the Rain Dee Musk script
20 * 4 Little Heels Jennifer Choo Sue Chin script video
19 The Remix Yvonne Anderson & Karl-Harry Winson script video
18 I'm Burnin' Up Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
17 Holidays In The Bayou John Robinson & Jo Thompson script videovideovideo
16 Hard Work Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
15 Frenesi (Frenzy) Amy Yang script videovideo
14 Crazy For Your Love Richard Palmer & Lyorna Dennis script video
13 Flip On The Lights Ria Vos script video
12 Fated To Love You (Korean) Country Bandwagon script
11 Could This Be Love? Guyton Mundy script video
10 Quickly Dee Musk script
9 Christmas Is Knocking Debbie Small script video
8 Beautiful Dawn Craig Bennett & Niels Poulsen script video
7 Breakin' Me Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse & Raymond Sarlemijn script videovideo
6 Americano - I Wanna Dance 2014 Lu Olsen script video
5 ABlast Ross Brown script videovideo
4 She Gives Me Love Brenda Shatto script videovideo
3 Beneath It All Amy Glass script video
2 Super Girls Ross Brown script video
1 Love Never Felt so Good Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto script videovideo

November 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
38 Say It To Me Maggie Gallagher video
37 Write Your Name Julia Wetzel script video
36 Uptown Funk Rob Fowler script
35 * EZ Cheeky Cha Winnie Yu script videovideo
34 * Sing & Dance Cha Cha Cha Winnie Yu script video
33 Take These Days Maggie Gallagher script videovideo
32 *Banca Cha Cha Winnie Yu script video
31 Hey Porsche Niels Poulsen script videovideo
30 Para Siempre Alison & Peter script
29 Marvelous Frank Trace script videovideo
28 Drop Ya Glasses Paul McAdam script video
27 Doesn't Mean Goodbye! Guyton Mundy, Klara Wallman & Niels Poulsen script videovideo
26 Chandelier Kate Sala script video
25 Living To Love You Maria Maag script video
24 Just Shake Maria Maag script video
23 Shake It For Me Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
22 Run Away With You Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
21 Samira Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie script videovideo
20 Just Be Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse script video
19 We Only Live Once Robbie McGowan Hickie script
18 No Treble Philip Sobrielo & David Hoyn script
17 Crocodile Roll Ira Weisburd, Alison Johnstone, David Hoyn script videovideo
16 Poco De Salsa Scott Belvins script
15 Almost Crazy Robbie McGowan Hickie script videovideo
14 First In Line Robbie McGowan Hickie script video
13 Hurts Instead Dan McInerney script video
12 Moving As One Dee Musk & Craig Bennett script
11 Thankful Fred Whitehouse script videovideo
10 My Reason Robbie McGowan Hickie script video
9 Cecilia Willie Brown & Heather Barton script videovideo
8 Badda Badda Swing Daniel Whittaker & Simon Ward script videovideo
7 Sueño Malene Jakobsen script videovideo
6 *Cry Me Out Malene Jakobsen script video
5 Shake It Mamma Wil Bos script
4 Crazy Something Normal Maggie Gallagher script video
3 When I Found Love Karl-Harry Winson script
2 Falling on Hard Times Kenny Teh script video
1 Bomba Latina Joey Di Stefano script video

October 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
26 Dreams For Living Sebastiaan Holtand script video
25 I Saw Her Standin' There John Warnars script video
24 One Great Mystery Simon Ward script video
23 Wrapped Up Simon Ward script video
22 I Lived Ria Vos & Karl-Harry Winson script video
21 Mexico Kenny Teh script video
20 * Hell If I Jo & John Kinser, Mark Furnell script videovideo
19 Make It Shake Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey script videovideo
18 Washed In The Water Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson Szymanski script
17 Last Call Boys! Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
16 Tick Tock Two Rachael McEnaney script video
15 Cheesecake Scott Blevins, Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren script videovideovideo
14 Chicago Bonfire Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Ria Vos script videovideo
13 Nadie Como Tu Jose Miguel Belloque Vane script videovideo
12 Miss Incredible Jo Thomspson script videovideovideo
11 Come On And Tango Juliet Lam script videovideo
10 Chain Reaction Will Craig script video
9 Junior Geronimo Gaye Teather script video
8 In Paradise Ria Vos script videovideovideo
7 Louder Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris & Malene Jakobsen script video
6 Must Be Something (aka Debe Harber Algo) Wil Bos script video
5 Memory Irene Groundwater script videovideo
4 Slowly Drifting Dee Musk script videovideo
3 2X Bang Linda McCormack script video
2 I Can Make Ya Guyton Mundy script videovideovideo
1 Exposed Debbie McLaughlin script video

September 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
38 Tchu Tcha Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane script video
37 My Dreams Come True Nancy Lee script video
36 * Evergreen Karen Hunn script videovideovideo
35 Angel In blue Jeans Peter & Alison script
34 * In The Zone Joey Warren script videovideo
33 Yours Dee Musk script video
32 Dear Future Husband Julia Wetzel script video
31 * River Of Dreams Charlotte Skeeters script video
30 * Nu Flow Masters In Line script videovideo
29 * Careless Whisper Paul McAdam script videovideo
28  Pull The Trigger Scott Belvins script video
27 * I Need A Man Too Winnie Yu script video
26 * That Person, That Love Country Bandwagon script video
25 B*Witched Tonight Maggie Gallagher script videovideo
24 Wonder Train Ria Vos script video
23 Diamonds & Dust Rob Fowler & Kate Sala script video
22 Nothing Will Craig script videovideo
21 * Phenomenon Paul McAdam script videovideo
20 Drop the Beat Karl-Harry Winson script video
19 A Happy Cha Winnie Yu script video
18 Angry Birds Winnie Yu script video
17 * I Hurt! Dodo Wong script video
16 The Other Side (aka WOW Hawaii) Will Craig, Jo & John Kinser, Niels Poulsen, Rachael McEnaney, Kate Sala & Roy Verdonk script videovideo
15 Superheroes Maggie Gallagher script video
14 Ain't Wot U Do Neville & Julie script videovideo
13 Every Breath You Take Jo & John Kinser script videovideo
12 Fireball Will Craig script video
11 SuperBad Joey Warren script videovideovideo
10 Walking Out Of Me Wil Bos script video
9 * Little Apple EZ Winnie Yu script video
8 * Little Apple Winnie Yu script videovideo
7 * The Phantom Tango Dodo Wong script videovideovideo
6 * Infinite Love Dodo Wong script videovideo
5 Feet On Fire Daniel Whittaker script video
4 Nothing To Lose Ria Vos script video
3 Only A Dream Joey Warren script videovideo
2 We On Fire Neville & Julie script video
1  Break Free Cha Scott Belvins script

August 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
48 Pasarela Alison Johnstone & Winston Yew script video
47 * La LLama Maria Maag script script
46 Masquerade Karl Harry Winson script script
45 Just Let It Go! Guyton Mundy & Niels Poulsen script script
44 I'm Only Human Maggie Gallagher script video
43 * Play For Keeps Neville & Julie script video
42 * NY Cha Neville & Julie script video
41 Darling, You Are The Song (EZ) Maria Tao script video
40 Tou Tou Mo Mo Melvin Tan script video
39 I Want It That Way Peter & Alison script
38 Marry That Girl Maggie Gallagher script script
37 Red Hot Love Kate Sala script script
36 Rise To The Top Peter & Alison script
35 Heaven In My Heart Rep Ghazali-Meaney script video
34 Sea Cruise Peter & Alison script video
33 With or Without You Peter & Alison script video
32 Bachata Conmigo Ira Weisburd script video
31 Get Ready Julia Wetzel script video
30 Eternal Secret Ria Vos script video
29 She's on Fire Niels Poulsen script videovideo
28 You'll  Be Okay Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
27 Body Goes Boom! Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
26 Brave Richard Palmer, Laura Hilbert & Lorna Dennis script video
25 Celtic Lady Yvonne Anderson script videovideo
24 One Less Joey Warren script video
23 Undo Helena Jeppsson script videovideo
22 Casa Musica Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane script video
21 Sock It To Me Kerry Maus script video
20 Wiggle J.P. Madge script video
19 * No Diggity Paul McAdam script video
18 Say Geronimo Ria Vos script video
17 Fireball Kate Sala script
16 I Will Try Niels Poulsen script videovideovideo
15 Man Li Tina Chen Sue-Huei script videovideo
14 Hey Hey I Think I Like Ya Wil Bos script video
13 Not Through Loving You Peter & Alison script
12 Wild Wild Love Maria Maag script videovideo
11 Don't Amy Glass script video
10 Ay Mama Mia Amy Glass & Michele Burton script video
9 * More Foxtrot Mayee Lee script video
8 * Rose Of Love Candy Tan script video
7 Hey O Darren Bailey script videovideo
6 Bayou Bay Boogie Max Perry script video
5 My Moment Shaz Walton script
4 Little Apple EZ Winnie Yu script video
3 Little Apple Winnie Yu script Lyric videovideovideovideo
2 The Phantom Tango Dodo Wong script videovideovideovideo
1 Dangerous in Love Vikki Morris script videovideo

July 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
45 Unsteady Guyton Mundy script videovideo
44 More Foxtrot Mayee Lee script videovideo
43 Hot Horizon Dee Musk script
42  *Cry Cry Cry Francien Sittrop script video
41  *Sing & Dance Cha Cha Cha Winnie Yu script videovideo
40  *A Tiny Waltz Winnie Yu script videovideo
39  *Pass It On Winnie Yu script video
38  *A Tiny Cha Cha Winnie Yu script video
37  *Pooh's Merengue Winnie Yu script videovideovideo
36  *Hell If I Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell script videovideo
35 Rose Of Love Tan Candy script videovideovideo
34 Shortgun Mambo Kate Sala script video
33 Work Your Body Dee Musk script video
32 Crazy Stupid Love Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
31 Do It Maggie Gallagher script videovideo
30 Talkin' To The Moon Joey Warren script video
29 Summer Night Kiss Rep Ghazali-Meaney script video
28 * Cry To Me Paul McAdam script video
27 Whistle While I Work It Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk script video
26 Love You Forever Rob Fowler, Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson script videovideo
25 * Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson script video
24 * Jo N Jo Tango Jo Thompson S script video
23 Hot Rising Flames Francien Sittrop script video
22 Bailando Amor Kate Sala script
21 Besame Mucho Tomohiro lizuka script video
20 Am I Wrong Amy Grass script video
19 Oh No No Penny Tan script
18 Those Were The Days Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler script
17  *Anna's Old Dream Winnie Yu script video
16 Ready Set Mambo Simon Ward & Maddison script video
15 Leave Me Cathy Dacumos script videovideovideo
14 Everything Will Change Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
13 Grease Is The Word Ross Brown script videovideo
12  *2 Butterflies Winnie Yu script video
11  *CuCu Winnie Yu script video
10  *Brokenhearted Winnie Yu script video
9  *Disco Beat Winnie Yu script video
8  *Mice Love Big Rice Winnie Yu script video
7  *Young Enough Winnie Yu script video
6  *Angry Birds Winnie Yu script video
5 Innocence or Compromise Dan McInerney script videovideo
4 You And Me Darren Bailey script videovideo
3 He's Italiano Wil Bos script video
2 Diggity Swing Craig Bennett script
1 Stupid Little Thing Daniel Whittaker script

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