Dances Taught


Feature Dances
A Tiny Waltz LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Aug.2014 (Issue 220) 

Little Foxtrot LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jan.2011 (Issue 177) - Dance of the Month , No.8 Teaching Survey Chart

Baby Chihuahua
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jul.2013 - Teaching Survey by Alphabetical @ Jul 16,2013

Little Mockin' Bird Cha
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.29 / 50 Beginner Line Dance Chart @ Dec 18,2010

EZ Shanghai Surprise
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.16
Teaching Survey Chart
@ Dec 18, 2010

EZ Waka Waka
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.9 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 17, 2011

Baby, Just A Kiss BabyJustAKiss
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.4 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 23, 2011

Summer Wine
3rd place - 2004 Windy City Line Dance Mania (USA) Choerography Contest

Dances Taught

Hi, all instructors around the world, welcome to my web site.
Below are the latest dances I have taught in my classes.
Feel free to use it as a guideline for your classes. Have Fun !!!

 * Dance re-taught pooh Demo by Winnie Yu YT Demo by Choreographer

upside down corner Upside Down Corner
YT Demo by Pooh's Team Instructor or others

May 2016
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
26Work SongKlara Wailman, Guyton Mundy, Roy Hadisbroto, Fred Whitehousescriptvideo
25Work from Home !!! - aka...WFHGuyton Mundy, Roy Hadisubroto, Fred Whitehousescriptvideo
24The FighterNiels Poulsen, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonkscriptvideovideo
23Dance Like Your DaddyJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
22Hello HelloRobbie McGowan Hickie & Laura Swayscriptvideo
21Aww HoneyKinsten Matthiessen & Jannie Tofte Andersenscriptvideo
20* Sliding Door RumbaTai Tsangscriptvideo
19Sunshine In My PocketAmy Glassscriptvideo
2Lipstick, Power & PaintStephen & Claire Ruttervideo
2Clap Your HandsVivienne Scottvideo
18Heat The BeatWinnie Yuscriptvideovideo
17* HaloNeville & Juliascriptvideo
16Sunshine DayDes Hoscript
15I Can't Stop Loving YouJennifer Jouscript
14Blue Ain't Your ColorRoy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vanescriptvideovideovideo
13I Know A GuySimon Wardscriptvideo
1Baby DollyWinnie Yuvideo
1Run, BabyWinnie Yuvideo
12* Hush HushDee Muskscriptvideovideo
11The Waiting GameFred Whitehouse & Joey Warrenscriptvideovideo
9Let's Mess AroundKate Salascript
7Mom, The BombNiels Poulsen & Alexis Strongscriptvideovideovideo
6Beat The Heat Wou Bom BaWinston Yewscriptvideovideovideo
5Girls LikeNeville & Juliescriptvideovideo
4* Shhh!Nicola Laffertyscriptvideovideo
3* Solo AmorRob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge, Fred Buckleyscriptvideovideo
2Corazon Diamante (Diamond Heart)Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilyscriptvideovideovideo
1My Next LoveNiels Poulsenscriptvideo

April 2016
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
29VacationJean-Pierre Madgescriptvideo
4Man Chang FeiUnknown video
4First WaltzDee Muskvideo
28Corazon Diamante (Diamond Heart)Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilyscriptvideovideovideo
27DangerzoneRia Vosscriptvideovideo
26Shouldn't Be This HardNeville & Juliescriptvideo
25Nobody's PerfectKate Sala & Ria Vosscriptvideovideo
24Baby Don't DanceJP Madgescriptvideo
23Moon TranceRob Fowlerscriptvideo
22Solo AmorRob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge, Fred Buckleyscriptvideovideo
21Jumpin' In The MorningRob Fowlerscriptvideo
20Send Her My LoveVivienne Scottscriptvideovideo
19Have FunRob Fowlervideovideo
3Little Rumba ChaWinnie Yuvideo
18Carry You HomeFred Whitehousescriptvideovideo
17Dancing KizombaJose Miguel Belloque Vane, David Hoyn, Rebecca Lee, Yeo Yu Puay, Lily Iguchi, Tomohiro Lizuka, Sobrielo Philip Genescriptvideo
2EZ I SwearWinnie Yuvideo
16Take It OffKarl-Harry Winsonscriptvideo
15Perfect HarmonyAlison & Peterscript
14Shhh!Nicola Laffertyscriptvideovideo
13Sound of Your HeartRia Vosscriptvideovideo
12Is It Desire?Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
11Run, BabyWinnie Yuscriptvideovideovideo
10RunRaymond Sarlemijn & Darren Baileyscriptvideo
9Feel GoodShane Mckeeverscriptvideo
8S.T. oneRachael McEnaneyscriptvideo video
7Get Up & TryAnn-Kristin Sandbergscriptvideo
Kung Fu Fighting Winnie Yuvideovideo
EZ TangoWinnie Yuvideo
6Young & StupidFred Whitehouse & Jose Miguel Belloquescriptvideo
5Rainy NightSebastiaan Holtlandscriptvideovideo
4Be Happy NowRoy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtlandscriptvideovideo
3Part Of The ListMalene Jakobsen & Rachael McEnaneyscriptvideovideo
2How I Want YaJoey Warren & Rachael McEnaney-Whitevideovideovideo
1 * The BeastRob Fowlerscriptvideovideovideovideovideo

March 2016
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
55In The ClosetRoy Hadisubroto & Linda McCormackscriptvideovideo
54Vision of LoveSimon Ward & Linda McCormackscriptvideovideo
4EZ Circle Cha Winnie Yu & Dodo Wongvideo
53Killing Me Softly With His SongNina Chen & Verny Tanscriptvideovideo
52From The Ground UpRachael McEnaney & Rob Fowlerscriptvideo video
51PreguntaDaniel Whittaker, Karl-Harry Winson & Julie Locktonscriptvideovideo
50Your SongMaria Maagscriptvideo
49Them GirlsRia Vos & Simon Wardscriptvideovideo
48Digital AgeDaniel Trepat, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonkscriptvideo
47Go For ItDee Muskscriptvideo
46Gold WatchStane McKeever & Fred Whitehousescriptvideo
45* Sultry! Rob Fowlerscriptvideo
44My LoveGuyton Mundy & Klara Wallmanscriptvideo
43*Bo$$Scott Blevin & Maria Maagscriptvideovideo
42Dirty MindDaniel Whittakerscriptvideovideo
41Singing In The RainDaniel Whittakerscriptvideo
40* I'm MadBrenda Shattoscriptvideo
39I'll Be AlrightMaggie Gallagherscriptvideo
38Stop Staring At My EyesRaymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
37* Infinite LoveDodo Wongscriptvideo
36Jamaica FarewellIra Weisburdscriptvideo
35Well Do Ya?Kim Rayscript
34Die A Happy ManRachael McEnaney & Joey Warrenscriptvideo video
33* Rolling In The DeepMaggie Gallagherscriptvideo
32I Never KnewSimon Wardscript
31More DessertGuyton Mundy & Klara Wallmanscriptvideo
3Ghost TrainKathy Hunyakivideo
3Stroll Along Cha ChaJohn & Janette Sandhamvideo
3She BangsBob Deversscript
30EZ Uma ThurmanWinnie Yuvideovideo
29* Strip It DownRachael McEnaneyscriptvideo
28* Doo Wacka DooGuyton Mundy & Maria Maagscriptvideo
27I'm Coming OverFiona Murray & Roy Hadisubrodtovideovideovideo
26TodosWil Bos & Gudrun Schneiderscriptvideo
25* StonecoldNiels Poulsen & Maria Maagscriptvideo
24* S.X.E.Rob Fowlerscript
23* And Get It OnDaniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vanescriptvideo
22* Yes! Simon Ward & Jo Thompson Szymanskiscriptvideo
21* Rock The HouseDan Morrisonscriptvideo
20*1-2-3-4Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
19I'm a Bad ManKlara Walmanscriptvideo
18Rebel ChaMichele Perronscriptvideo
17*Dear Future HusbandJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
2The LocomotionJo & Rita Thompsonvideo
2Mambo 1J.W. Grimesvideo
240 StepsUnknown Choreographervideo
16* Extreme LoveNiels Poulsenscriptvideo
15Slip AwayDaniel Whittaker and Karl-Harry Winsonscript
14Moonlight MadnessCathy & Kathyscriptvideo
13* Have Fun Go MadScott Blevinsscriptvideo
12* Diamond & DustRob Fowler & Kate Salascriptvideo
11RemedyMaria Maag & Niels PoulsenscriptVideo
10Leave Me BehindJean-Pierre Madgescriptvideo
9* Shades Of PassionRob Flowlerscriptvideo
8* I'm SexyJean-Pierre Madgescriptvideo
7Gold WatchKate Salascriptvideo
6* Syncopated RhythmRob Fowler & Michelle Fowlerscriptvideo
5Follow The SunFrancien Sittropscript
4*Half Past Nothin'Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harrisscriptvideo
3Tennessee Waltz SurpriseAndy Chumbleyscriptvideo
2Cheek To Cheek Rob Fowlerscript
1Secret LoveMaggie Gallagherscript
1Little WaltzWinnie Yuvideo
1A Happy ChaWinnie Yuvideo
1Samba 1Unkown Choreographervideo

February 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
25* I'm In Love With YouJose Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtlandscriptvideo
24Lipstick, Powder And PaintStephen Rutter & Claire Rutterscriptvideovideo
23Mirror MirrorRobbie McCowan Hickiesript
22Stand By YouMaggie Gallagherscriptvideovideo
21Sexy NightRaymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
20Lover Come BackScott Blevinsscriptvideo
4A Tiny Cha ChaWinnie Yuvideo
4Sexy ChaWinnie Yuvideo
4Country As Can BeSuzanne Wilsonvideo
19Sunshine After The RainDee Muskscript
18About FeelingsRia Vosscriptvideovideo
17Plastic PrettyRia Vosscriptvideovideo
3Little Rumba ChaWinnie Yuvideo
3Start To SwaySandra Le Brocqvideo
3The Lemon TreeKim Rayvideo
3Canadian StompMichael Beckvideo
16* AmameRobbie McGowan Hicklescriptvideo
15* I Scream!Scott Blevinsscriptvideovideo
14Pop That LockKarl-Harry Winsonscriptvideo
13Ex's and Oh'sAmy Glassscript
2WobbleVIC Brentnellvideo
2Lindi ShuffleJane Smeevideo
2Blue Rose IsDonna Lentvideo
12Cake by The OceanScott BlevinsscriptVideo 
11What's CookingDebbie Rushtonscriptvideo
10Slamming DoorsRob Fowlerscriptvideo
9ListenGuyton Mundy & Fred Whitehousescriptvideovideovideovideovideo
8Blackpool By The SeaGaye Teatherscriptvideo
7Thinkin' CountrySimon Wardscriptvideo
6* EnchantmentJo Thompsonscript
5Making HistoryCraig Bennett, Dee Musk & Simon Wardscript
4Love Me DownFred Whitehousescriptvideovideo
3Go To WorkJoey Wardscriptvideo
2 *TitanicSimon Wardscriptvideovideo
1Baie Baie MooiKim Rayscriptvideo
1K Step BoogieJo Thompson Szymanski & Michele Burtonvideo
1Start To MamboWinnie Yuvideo
1Pooh's 16 StepsWinnie Yuvideo
1Saturday Night FeverMaggie Cadwellvideo
1Bang Bang (EZ)Annemaree Sleethvideo
1Mamma MariaFrank Tracevideo

January 2016 / LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
29Uma ThurmanDerek Steelescriptvideovideovideovideo
28Love Can Last (Christian Song)Betty Leescriptvideovideo
27Heart In My HandsDebbie Rushtonscriptvideo
26DangerouslyRoy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland & Jose Miguel Belloque Vanescriptvideovideovideo
25Smoke and SunsetNeville Fitzgerald & Julie Harrisscriptvideo
24Black & BlueSimon Wardscriptvideovideo
23Spring BlossomsBetty Leescriptvideovideo
22SensactionDarren Bailey, Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijnscriptvideo
21* Pump ItMasters In Linevideovideo
20Pieces Don't FitTajal Hail Smithscriptvideo
19Just Coming HomeRoy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland, Jose Miguel Belloquescriptvideovideo
18CaiCaiCai 《踩踩踩》 Winnie YuLyric scriptvideovideovideovideovideovideovideovideovideovideovideo
17Those RussiansNiels Poulsenscriptvideo
16Whip ItShane McKeever & Rachael McEnaney-Whitescriptvideo
3Sexy ChaWinnie Yuvideo
3Start To WaltzWinnie Yuvideo
3Disco Cindi Talbotvideo
3Young EnoughWinnie Yuvideo
316 StepsUnknownvideo
3Chaka ChakaMichael Seurervideo
3EZ C'm On EverybodyWinnie Yuvideo
15Last Man StandingThe Lady In Blackscriptvideo
2Little Apple EZWinnie Yuvideo
2J Ho ABTiffany Cartervideo
14EZ C'm On EverybodyWinnie Yuscriptvideovideo
13In The Hands Of LoveNathan Gardiner & Rep Ghazali-Meaneyscript
12* Poetry In MotionMasters In Linescriptvideovideo
11* Nu FlowMasters in Linescriptvideo
10Acid RainNathan Gardinerscript
9C'M On EverbodyKenny Tehscriptvideovideo
8That's MeNancy Leescriptvideo
7TemptedFred Whitehousescriptvideo
6* BurningCato Larsenscriptvideo
5Is It Too Late?Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
4Save The DayKarl-Harry Winsonscriptvideo
3The BiteRia Vosscriptvideo
2Dance With WolvesIra Weisburdscriptvideo
1Fine By MeSebastiaan Holtlandscriptvideo
1EZ Viennese WaltzWinnie Yuvideo
1Little Rock Cha ChaUnknownvideo
1Little RumbaDonna Laurinvideo
1WhenWinnie Yuvideovideo
1A Little ChaWinnie Yuvideovideo
1Cupid ShuffleBernard Brysonvideo
1Cowgirl's TwistBill Badervideo
1Come On And DancePeter Metelnick & Alison Biggsvideo
1Funky BoogaluWinnie Yuvideo
1Struttin'Andrew Kennedyvideo
1A Tiny WaltzWinnie Yuvideovideo
1Ah SiRita Masurvideo
1EZ Cha ChaWinnie Yuvideovideo
1Electric SlideUnknownvideo
1Pooh's MerengueWinnie Yuvideo
1CharlestonJeanette hall & Tonya Millervideo
1YMCAWinnie Yuvideovideo
1Angry BirdsWinnie Yuvideovideo
1EZ Hands UpWinnie Yuvideovideo
1MacarenaMaria Fryevideo

Christmas Party 2015
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
31 New Thang Philip Sobrielo, Rebecca Lee, Raymond Sarlemihjn video
30 Million Years Ago Julia Wetzel video
29 Iced Tea Kim Ho video
28 Rock This Factor Daniel Whittaker & Simon Ward video
27 Ain't Misbehavin Gyton Mundy, Jo Thompson & Amy Glass video
26 Dark Times Jose Miquel, Pim van & Daniel Trepat video
25 A Throstle Cha Winnie Yu video
24 Cha Cha Mix Maddison Glover video
23 Show Me Your Moves Brenna Stith video
22 Stories Jannie Tofle Andersen video
21 No Sunshine Ria Vos video
20 When Winnie Yu video
19 EZ Tango Winnie Yu video
18 Little Apple Winnie Yu video
17 Charleston Unknown video
16 Angry Bird Winnie Yu video
15 EZ Hands Up Winnie Yu video
14 EZ Body Cha Winnie Yu video
13 Little Rumba Cha Winnie Yu video
12 Sing & Dance Cha Cha Cha Winnie Yu video
11 A Little Waltz Winnie Yu video
10 Tong Hua Winnie Yu video
9 Woman To Man Winnie Yu video
8 A Tiny Cha Winnie Yu video
7 You're A Heatwave Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris video
6 Wonderland Waltz Rob Fowler video
5 A Throstle Cha Winnie Yu video
4 Focus On Me Jean-Pierre Madge video
3 Show Me Your Moves Brenna Stith video
2 Boys Like You Rachael McEnaney video
1 One Wing Fred Whitehouse video

December 2015
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
13 Autumn Fred Whitehouse script video
12 One Wing Fred Whitehouse script video
11 Show Me Your Moves Brenna Stith script videovideo
10 Cha Cha Mix Maddison Glover script videovideo
9 Boys Like You Rachael McEnaney script videovideovideovideo
8 Princess Cha Chris Watson, Maddison Glover & Niels Poulsen script videovideo
7 We Have It All Dee Musk script video
6 Dark Times Jose Miquel Belloqune Vane, Pim Van Grootle, Daniel Trepat script videovideo
5 Ain't Misbehavin Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Amy Glass script videovideovideo
4 Focus On Me Jean-Pierre Madge script video
3 What You Want Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland script video
2 Up In Flames Maggie Gallagher script
1 Elektrisk Raymond Sarlemijn, Darren Bailey,
Roy Hadisubroto & Kelli Haugen
script video

November 2015
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
42 *Cliche Love Song Jo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy & John Robinson script video
41 Rock This Factor Daniel Whitehouse & Simon Ward script video
9 A Throstle Cha Winnie Yu script videovideovideovideovideovideo
40 *The Phantom Tango Dodo Wong script videovideo
39 This Thing Jose Miguel Belloque & Roy Verdonk script videovideo
38 Million Years Ago Julia Wetzel script video
37 Lay It All On Me Neville Fitzerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
36 Stories Jannie Tofte Andersen scripts videovideo
35 Water Under The Bridge Ria Vos & Esmeralda vd Pol script video
34 Diva Ria Vos script videovideo
33 Baddest Girl in Town Darren Bailey, Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn script
32 Should've Gone Home Ria Vos script videovideo
31 Painkiller Robbie McGowan Hickie script
30 Big Blue Tree Ria Vos script video
29 You're A Heatwave Neville Fitzgerald & Julie script videovideo
28 New Thang Philip Sobrielo & Rebecca Lee script videovideovideo
27 * EZ I Swear Winnie Yu script video
26 * Summer Wine Winnie Yu script video
25 * Sing & Dance Cha Cha Cha Winnie Yu script video
24 * EZ Hands Up Winnie Yu script video
23 * When Winnie Yu script video
22 99 Degrees Karl-Harry Winson & Tina Argyle script video
21 * Painting Pillows Rachael McEnaney script videovideovideovideovideovideo
20 * Sway Carl Sullivan script video
19 * Cha Cha II Unknown script video
18 * 2 Butterflies Winnie Yu script video
17 * Little Apple Winnie Yu script video
16 * Blue Rose Is Unknown script video
15 * Tell The World Robbie McGowan Hickie script video
14 Kiss Me Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script
13 Summertime Roll! Joey Warren & Niels Poulsen script video
12 Got my eyes on you! Niels Poulsen script video
11 Sax Maggie Gallagher script videovideo
10 Share The Carrot Kirsten Mathiessen & Jannie Toftle Anderson script video
8 Adrenaline Rush Maggie Gallagher script video
7 Color Of My Lips Sebastiaan Holtland script videovideo
6 Keeping My Cool Malene Jakobsen script video
5 Boiling Point Karl-Harry Winson & Tina Argyle script videovideo
4 No Sunshine Ria Vos script
3 Adorable Ria Vos script
2 Please Me Kate Sala & Dee Musk script video
1 Dark Horse Daniel Whittaker script

October 2015
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
30 * When Winnie Yu script video
29 Marilyn Jose Miguel Belloque Vane script video
28 Proud Woman! Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen script video
27 Is It Over ? Niels Poulsen & Fred Whitehouse script videovideovideo
26 From The Other Side Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
25 Crazy For You Robbie McGowan Hickie script
24 Stitches Amy Glass script video
23 Try Me Tonight Linda McCormack & Rachael
script videovideovideo
22 Painting Pillows Rachael McEnaney script video
21 Dock Of The Bay Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
20 Loving You Tonight Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
19 Shots With Somebody Rachael McEnaney scripts videovideo
18 My Father's Son Roy Verdonk & Roy Hadisubroto script videovideo
17 Better When I'm Dancin' Julia Wetzel script videovideovideo
16 Confident Darren Bailey & Amy Glass script video
15 Strip It Down Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
14 Rooftop! Niels Poulsen script video
13 Senorita Tu Ira Weisburd script videovideo
12 Sugar Honey I.T. Johanna Barnes script video
11 Kiss Myself So Pretty Cheryl Sjolund script video
10 Ain't No Way Debbie, Simon & Jose script videovideovideo
9 Try Me Ria Vos script
8 Hit The Base Daniel Whittaker script
7 Butterflies & Kisses Kate Sala script videovideo
6 One Minute Jean-Pierre Madge script video
5 Round Your Fingers Joey Warren script videovideovideo
4 The Dancing Tree Guilaume Richard script videovideo
3 *Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead script
2 Good Kisser Christa Thomas script videovideovideo
1 Cliche Love Song Jo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy & John Robinson script videovideovideo

2015 Windy City Workshop
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
60 Street Soul Masters in Line script video
59 American Pop Michele Burton script video
58 Gimme A Drink Judy McDonald script video
57 What Do You Mean Will Craig script video
56 Everlast JP Potter script video
55 De'ja Vu JP Potter script video
54 Teacher Amy Christian script video
53 Make Your Move Yann Roemer script video
52 Bonnie and Clyde Amy Glass script video
51 No Such Thing Jill Babinec & Joanne Brady script video
50 Do Me No Wrong Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast script video
49 Shake Guyton Mundy script video
48 Oh, No! Michael Metzger script video
47 * The Peaceful Valley Joey Warren & Fred Whitehouse script video
46 Closure Christa Thomas script video
45 * And They Danced Peter Metelnick script video
44 Gimme That Fire Gary O'Reilly script video
43 The Moon & Stars Gary O'Reilly script video
42 It's My Party Lynne Martino & Rosie Multari script video
41 Gloria Rosie Multari script video
40 Up Peter & Alison script video
39 * Cho-co-latte Yvonne Anderson script video
38 You Make Me Happy Judy McDonald script video
37 * Larger Than Life Simon Ward script video
36 Way Way Back Guillaume Richard script video
35 Here Linda McCormack script video
34 Blue Lights Chasing Joey Warren script video
33 * Hideaway Cha Joanne, Jamie & Jo script videovideo
32 * Riversoul Rachael McEnaney script video
31 * The Bomp Kim Ray script video
30 * Wakey Wakey Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson script video
29 This Will Be Max Perry script video
28 Anybody Ever Told You Gary O'Reilly script video
27 * Don't Make me Suffer Jose, Roy & Sebbasian script videovideo
26 * Worth It (revised) Linda McCormack script video
25 * Nu Flow Masters in Line script video
24 Stitches Amy Glass script video
23 *  Running Will Craig script videovideovideo
22 * After Midnight Judy McDonald script video
21 * Bitter End Guyton Mundy & Fred Whitehouse script videovideo
20 * WTF (What The France) Fred, Darren & Joey script video
19 * M.J. Moves Michele Perron & Jo Thompson script video
18 * Won't Tell A Soul Malene Jakobsen & Rachael McEnaney script video
17 * Get Your Shoes On Scott Blevisn & Jo Thompson script video
16 Empty Pockets Michele Burton & Michael Bar script video
15 When I'm 64 Michael Barr script video
14 Feel The Fire Michael Barr script video
13 The Queen Guilaume Richard script videovideo
12 * Only Love Guyton Mundy script videovideo
11 *Have Fun Go Mad Scott Blevins script video
10 The Dancing Tree Guilaume Richard script videovideo
9 Levels Will Craig script videovideo
8 *Tuesday Blues Simon Ward script videovideo
7 * You're Not The Boss of Me Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen script videovideo
6 * Fall For You Debbie Rushton script videovideo
5 * NYC Funk Debbie Rushton script videovideo
4 Good Kisser Christa Thomas script videovideovideo
3 Ain't No Way Debbie, Simon & Jose script videovideo
2 Round Your Finger Joey Warren script videovideovideo
1 Cliche Love Song Jo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy & John Robinson script videovideo

September 2015
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
35 *Poetry In Motion Masters in Line script video
34 *Street Soul Masters in Line script video
33 NYC Funk Debbie Rushton (McLaughlin) script
32 *Power Surge Stephen Sunter script
31 Tuesday Blues Simon Ward script videovideo
30 Head In The Sky Maggie Gallagher script video
29 *Have Fun Go Mad Scott Belvins script video
28 *Feel Scott Belvins script video
27 More Than You'll Ever Know Jose Miguel Belloque Vane &
Roy Verdonk
script video
26 Only Love Guyton Mundy script videovideo
25 Fallin' up Guyton Mundy & Fred Whitehouse script videovideo
24 We Get One Shot Daniel Trepat, Darren Bailey & Rob Fowler script video
23 * And They Dance Peter Metelnick script
22 * Humanised Jo Thompson & Scott Blevins script videovideo
21 The Note Niels Poulsen & Malene Jakobsen script video
20 Bitter End Fred Whitehouse & Guyton Mundy script videovideovideovideo
19 The Avener Will Bos script video
18 * Nu Flow Masters In Line script videovideo
17 * Dizzy Jo Thompson script video
16 * Rose Garden Jo Thompson script video
15 * Cool Whip Judy McDonald script video
14 * After Midnight Judy McDonald script
13 Kiss You Fred Whitehouse script video
12 Won't Tell A Soul Rachael McEnaney & Malene Jakobsen script videovideo
11 You... Maria Maag script video
10 The Peaceful Valley Fred Whitehouse & Joey Warren script videovideovideo
9 Crimson Blood Joey Warren & Debbie Rushton script video
8 Here It Is Fred Whitehouse script video
7 *Swing Time Boogie Scott Blevins script video
6 *Dirty Work
Scott Belvins script
5 Get Your Shoes On Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski script video
4 * Hideaway Cha Joanne Brady, Jamie Marshall &
Jo Thompson Szymanski
script video
3 * M.J. Moves Michele Perron & Jo Thompson script videovideo
2 * American Pop Michele Burton script videovideo
1 Extreme Love Niels Poulsen script video