Dances Taught


Feature Dances
A Tiny Waltz LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Aug.2014 (Issue 220) 

Little Foxtrot LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jan.2011 (Issue 177) - Dance of the Month , No.8 Teaching Survey Chart

Baby Chihuahua
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jul.2013 - Teaching Survey by Alphabetical @ Jul 16,2013

Little Mockin' Bird Cha
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.29 / 50 Beginner Line Dance Chart @ Dec 18,2010

EZ Shanghai Surprise
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.16
Teaching Survey Chart
@ Dec 18, 2010

EZ Waka Waka
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.9 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 17, 2011

Baby, Just A Kiss BabyJustAKiss
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.4 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 23, 2011

Summer Wine
3rd place - 2004 Windy City Line Dance Mania (USA) Choerography Contest

Dances Taught

Hi, all instructors around the world, welcome to my web site.
Below are the latest dances I have taught in my classes.
Feel free to use it as a guideline for your classes. Have Fun !!!

 * Dance re-taught pooh Demo by Winnie Yu YT Demo by Choreographer

upside down corner Upside Down Corner
YT Demo by Pooh's Team Instructor or others

September 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
23Diamonds & DustRob Fowler & Kate Salascriptvideo
22NothingWill Craigscriptvideo
21*PhenomenonPaul McAdamscriptvideovideo
20Drop the BeatKarl-Harry Winsonscriptvideo
19A Happy ChaWinnie Yuscriptvideo
18Angry BirdsWinnie Yuscriptvideo
17* I Hurt!Dodo Wongscriptvideo
16Wow HawaiiRachael, Niels, Roy & Wilvideovideo
15SuperheroesMaggie Gallagherscriptvideo
14Ain't Wot U DoNeville & Juliescriptvideo
13Every Breath You TakeJo & John Kinserscriptvideovideo
12FireballWill Craigscriptvideo
11SuperBadJoey Warrenscriptvideovideovideo
10Walking Out Of MeWil Bosscriptvideo
9* Little Apple EZWinnie Yuscriptvideo
8* Little AppleWinnie Yuscriptvideovideo
7* The Phantom TangoDodo Wongscriptvideovideo
6* Infinite LoveDodo Wongscriptvideovideo
5Feet On FireDaniel Whittakerscript
4Nothing To LoseRia Vosscriptvideo
3Only A DreamJoey Warrenscriptvideovideo
2We On FireNeville & Juliescriptvideo
1 Break Free ChaScott Belvinsscript

August 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
48PasarelaAlison Johnstone & Winston Yewscriptvideo
47* La LLamaMaria Maagscriptscript
46MasqueradeKarl Harry Winsonscriptscript
45Just Let It Go!Guyton Mundy & Niels Poulsenscriptscript
44I'm Only HumanMaggie Gallagherscriptvideo
43* Play For KeepsNeville & Juliescriptvideo
42* NY ChaNeville & Juliescriptvideo
41Darling, You Are The Song (EZ)Maria Taoscriptvideo
40Tou Tou Mo MoMelvin Tanscriptvideo
39I Want It That WayPeter & Alisonscript
38Marry That GirlMaggie Gallagherscriptscript
37Red Hot LoveKate Salascriptscript
36Rise To The TopPeter & Alisonscript
35Heaven In My HeartRep Ghazali-Meaneyscriptvideo
34Sea CruisePeter & Alisonscriptvideo
33With or Without YouPeter & Alisonscriptvideo
32Bachata ConmigoIra Weisburdscriptvideo
31Get ReadyJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
30Eternal SecretRia Vosscriptvideo
29She's on FireNiels Poulsenscriptvideovideo
28You'll  Be OkayRachael McEnaneyscriptvideovideo
27Body Goes Boom!Rachael McEnaneyscriptvideovideo
26BraveRichard Palmer, Laura Hilbert & Lorna Dennisscriptvideo
25Celtic LadyYvonne Andersonscriptvideovideo
24One LessJoey Warrenscriptvideo
23UndoHelena Jeppssonscriptvideovideo
22Casa MusicaRoy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vanescriptvideo
21Sock It To MeKerry Mausscriptvideo
20WiggleJ.P. Madgescriptvideo
19* No Diggity Paul McAdamscriptvideo
18Say GeronimoRia Vosscriptvideo
17FireballKate Salascript
16I Will TryNiels Poulsenscriptvideovideovideo
15 Man Li Tina Chen Sue-Huei script videovideo
14 Hey Hey I Think I Like Ya Wil Bos script video
13 Not Through Loving You Peter & Alison script
12 Wild Wild Love Maria Maag script videovideo
11 Don't Amy Glass script video
10 Ay Mama Mia Amy Glass & Michele Burton script video
9 * More Foxtrot Mayee Lee script video
8 * Rose Of Love Candy Tan script video
7 Hey O Darren Bailey script videovideo
6 Bayou Bay Boogie Max Perry script video
5 My Moment Shaz Walton script
4 Little Apple EZ Winnie Yu script video
3 Little Apple Winnie Yu script Lyric videovideovideovideo
2 The Phantom Tango Dodo Wong script videovideovideovideo
1 Dangerous in Love Vikki Morris script videovideo

July 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
45 Unsteady Guyton Mundy script videovideo
44 More Foxtrot Mayee Lee script videovideo
43 Hot Horizon Dee Musk script
42  *Cry Cry Cry Francien Sittrop script video
41  *Sing & Dance Cha Cha Cha Winnie Yu script videovideo
40  *A Tiny Waltz Winnie Yu script videovideo
39  *Pass It On Winnie Yu script video
38  *A Tiny Cha Cha Winnie Yu script video
37  *Pooh's Merengue Winnie Yu script videovideovideo
36  *Hell If I Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell script videovideo
35 Rose Of Love Tan Candy script videovideovideo
34 Shortgun Mambo Kate Sala script video
33 Work Your Body Dee Musk script video
32 Crazy Stupid Love Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
31 Do It Maggie Gallagher script videovideo
30 Talkin' To The Moon Joey Warren script video
29 Summer Night Kiss Rep Ghazali-Meaney script video
28 * Cry To Me Paul McAdam script video
27 Whistle While I Work It Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk script video
26 Love You Forever Rob Fowler, Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson script videovideo
25 * Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson script video
24 * Jo N Jo Tango Jo Thompson S script video
23 Hot Rising Flames Francien Sittrop script video
22 Bailando Amor Kate Sala script
21 Besame Mucho Tomohiro lizuka script video
20 Am I Wrong Amy Grass script video
19 Oh No No Penny Tan script
18 Those Were The Days Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler script
17  *Anna's Old Dream Winnie Yu script video
16 Ready Set Mambo Simon Ward & Maddison script video
15 Leave Me Cathy Dacumos script videovideovideo
14 Everything Will Change Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
13 Grease Is The Word Ross Brown script videovideo
12  *2 Butterflies Winnie Yu script video
11  *CuCu Winnie Yu script video
10  *Brokenhearted Winnie Yu script video
9  *Disco Beat Winnie Yu script video
8  *Mice Love Big Rice Winnie Yu script video
7  *Young Enough Winnie Yu script video
6  *Angry Birds Winnie Yu script video
5 Innocence or Compromise Dan McInerney script videovideo
4 You And Me Darren Bailey script videovideo
3 He's Italiano Wil Bos script video
2 Diggity Swing Craig Bennett script
1 Stupid Little Thing Daniel Whittaker script

June 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
53 Don't Wait Johanna Barnes script videovideo
52 Keep Me Alive Kristen Matthiessen script videovideo
51 AK Freak Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy script videovideovideovideo
50 Just Some Words Kim Ray script videovideo
49 Queen Bee Michelle Risley & Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
48  *Summer Wine Winnie Yu script video
47  *EZ Tango Winnie Yu script video
46  *P.T.S. Cha Winnie Yu script video
45  *Start To Waltz Winnie Yu script video
44  *Sexy Cha Winnie Yu script video
43 Almost Doesn't Count Dee Musk script video
42 Found My Smile J.P. Madge video
41 Divine Line Robbie McGowan Hickie script video
40 Blaze Dem Shaz Walton script videovideo
39 Enigma Dee Musk script videovideo
38 Live The Life Rachael McEnaney script videovideovideovideo
37 * Air Balloon Dee Musk script video
36 That's The Day Dee Musk script video
35 Black Velvet Band Gerard Murphy script video
34 Walking Through Ria Vos script videovideo
33 * Coca Cola Shake Ria Vos script video
32 Come Get It Judy McDonald script videovideo
31 I'm Waiting For You Maria Maag video videovideo
30 Baby CuCu Winnie Yu script videovideovideovideo
29 A Tiny Waltz Winnie Yu script videovideovideovideovideo
28 A Tiny Cha Cha Winnie Yu script videovideovideovideovideo
27 Off The Chain Fred Whithouse script videovideo
26 Waiting For Summer Jannie Tofte Andersen script videovideo
25 Down To The River Klara Wallman script videovideo
24 Twist, Twist, Twist Roy Verdonk, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Sophie Dick script videovideo
23  *Little Foxtrot Winnie Yu script video
22  *EZ Cha Cha Winnie Yu script video
21  *YMCA Winnie Yu script video
20  *EZ Summer Love Winnie Yu script video
19  *Anna's Old Dream Winnie Yu script video
18  *Anna's Tears Winnie Yu script video
17 Pass It On Winnie Yu script Lyric videovideovideovideovideovideovideovideovideovideo
16 Such A Fool Niels Poulsen script videovideovideo
15 Walking On Air Simon Ward & Amy Glass script videovideo
14 If I Don't Ria Vos script videovideovideo
13 Suicide Waltz Joey Warren, Debbie McLaughlin &
Niels Poulsen
script videovideovideo
12 Open Hearted Cheryl Sjolund script video
11 P-51 (aka Come With Me) Niels Poulsen script videovideovideo
10 Zee Zee Ria Vos & Vivienne Scott script videovideovideovideo
9 Young Blood Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs script videovideo
8 * Smooth Criminal Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs script video
7 The Way That You Move Will Craig script videovideovideo
6 * The Way Gerard Murphy script video
5 * Party Up Judy McDonald script video
4 * Destination: Dancefloor Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs script videovideo
3 No Goodbyes Scott Blevins & Nicola Lafferty script
2 So Feisty Scott Blevins & Tajali Hall script
1 Country Shake Lorraine Brown script video

May 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
35 Get My Name Guyton Mundy & Will Craig script videovideovideovideo
34 Gentle Ann-Kristin Sandberg script video
33 Wanna Be Contigo Julia Wetzel script video
32 Overnight Rob Fowler script videovideo
31 Tokyo's Lovers Daniel Trepat & Tokyo Line Dancers script videovideovideo
30  *Singapore Swing Bill Bader script video
29 Get It Bae Joey Warren, Linda McCormack & Will Craig script videovideovideo
28 Alcazar Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson script videovideo
27 This Is How We Roll Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
26 Strong Again Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
25 Follow You Down Guyton Mundy script videovideo
24 It's On Again Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
23 Anna's Tears Winnie Yu scriptLyric videovideovideovideovideo
22 Anna's Old Dream Winnie Yu scriptLyric videovideovideovideovideovideovideo
21 G.G.A. (Great God Almighty) Guyton Mundy script video
20 Roman Holiday Max Perry script video
19 King Of Jive Darren Bailey script video
18 Talk Nasty! Debbie McLaughlin script video
17 Light On Debbie McLaughlin script video
16 Doo Wacka Doo Guyton Mundy & Maria Maag script video
15 My Heart Without Him Kim - Fundanzers script videovideo
14 It's Tricky Vicky St. Pierre & Rob Glover script videovideo
13 Tulane Road Norman Gifford script video
12 Mama Jama Boogie Linda McCormack script video
11 Won't You Stay Joey Warren script videovideo
10 Air Balloon Dee Musk script
9 Coming Unplugged Patrick D. Fleming script video
8 Truth or Dare Karen Hadley script video
7 Don't Start Lying Niels Poulsen script videovideo
6 Celtic Heartbeat Maggie Gallagher script
5 Mixed Up Par Stott & Carrie Ann Green script
4 We Got Rhythm Hayley Wheatley script video
3 Ring My Bells Julia Wetzel script videovideo
2 Let There Be Love Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
1 *La Cumparsita - Tango Paolo Y Nicola script videovideo

April 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
26 Summer Fiesta Francien Sittrop script video
25 Would Ya Daniel Whiteaker script
24 Coca Cola Shake Ria Vos script video
23 Children of Universe Kate Sala script video
22 Just Add Moonlight Maggie Gallagher script video
21 2-Way Kiss Ria Vos script video
20 El Perdedor Wil Bos script
19 Playin' Tricks Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
18 Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Maggie Gallagher script videovideo
17 Not So Ordinary! Niels Poulsen script videovideo
16 Let's Have A Party! Rachael McEnaney, John Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski script video
15 Electric Rhythm Karl-Harry Winson script video
14 Just one Reason Neils Poulsen script videovideo
13 Only A Woman Neils Poulsen script videovideo
12 Like A Lover Ria Vos script video
11 Easy Money Rachael McEnaney script video
10 Let Her Down Easy Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
9 Mmm Yeah Rachael McEnaney, Roy Hadisubroto & Joey Warren script videovideo
8 Rainmaker Niels Poulsen script videovideo
7 Rise Up To The Sky Ross Brown script videovideovideo
6 Go Gentle Roy Hadisubroto & Raymond Sarlemijn script videovideovideo
5 It's Just The Way It Is Wil Bos script video
4 Oops Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk script video
3 Tiao Wu Jie 跳舞街 Tina Chen Sue-Huei script videovideo
2 Tripple X Dee Musk & Maria Maag script video
1 Cha Cha Burn Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski script videovideo

March 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
32 Rock N Roll Angel Kate Sala script video
31 * I'm In Love With You Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland script video
30 Respect Daniel Whittaker script
29 It Hurts Gordon Elliott script video
28 Just Once Malene Jakobsen script videovideo
27 Laughter In The Rain Dee Musk script video
26 Keep It To Myself Kate Sala script videovideovideo
25 Open Hearts Kate Sala, Vivienne Scott, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Fred Buckley script videovideovideo
24 Why Don't You Jose Miguel Belloque Vane script videovideo
23 Booty Voodoo Rob Glover and Roy Hadisubroto script video
22 Trouble With My Baby Craig Bennett & Tina Argyle script videovideo
21 The Longest Time Dee Musk script video
20 Dance With Me Bill Larson script video
19 Luminite Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
18 Obsesion Roy Hadisubroto & Jose Miguel Belloquevane script videovideo
17 Colours Of The Wind Mary Chan script video
16 Clock Rock Jannie Tofte Andersen script videovideo
15 Roma Carl Sullivan script video
14 Save Me Phil Carpenter script video
13 Into The Blue Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
12 Dancing Through The Night Sandy Kerrigan script video
11 Love Zone Craig Bennett script video
10 How I Feel Guyton Mundy & Jean-Pierre Madge script videovideovideovideo
9 Red Lights! Ria Vos & Neils Poulsen script videovideo
8 Year of Summer Jose Miguel Belloque Vane script video
7 Cannonball Dee Musk script videovideovideo
6 Adrenalina Ria Vos script video
5 Hit The Floor Ria Vos script videovideovideo
4 I'm A Freak Francien Sittrop script video
3 I Started A Joke Frank Trace script videovideo
2 Swing Your Thing Ria Vos script video
1 Shakatak Kate Sala script videovideo

February 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
31 Dimitto Maria Maag script videovideo
30 Never Saying Goodbye Maria Maag script videovideovideo
29 My Free Will Dee Musk script video
28 Disco Cha Cha Kenny Teh script videovideo
27 Fault Line Joey Warren script videovideo
26 Fall In Love Pat Stott script video
25 Doing It Justice Simon Ward & Guyton Mundy script videovideo
24 Eye To Eye Maggie Gallagher script video
23 Dance Amor Kate Sala script video
22 Hey Go Scott Belvins script video
21 Round Of Applause Dee Musk script videovideo
20 All I Can Say Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
19 Echo Joey Warren script videovideo
18 Kiddin' Around Karl-Harry Winson script video
17 Man In The Mirror Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward script videovideo
16 Can You This Joey Warren script videovideovideo
15 Happy Rona Kaye script video
14 Room With A View Katrin Gäbler & Dirk Leibing script videovideoWHo
13 Rather Be Dee Musk script videovideovideo
12 Will... You... Marry Me Neils Poulsen script videovideovideo
11 Little Ritmo Jackie Barber script WHo
10 Lets Mambo Together Adrian Helliker & Alison Johnstone script WHo
9 Perfect Timing Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script videovideo
8 All Of Me Simon Ward script video
7 Where's The Party Roy Verdork & Darren Bailey script videovideo
6 Funky Strut Rob Fowler script WHo
5 Baby Kisses Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell script WHo
4 *When Winnie Yu script WHo
3 Kick The Habit Ryan Hunt script WHo
2 Ivory Towers Ria Vos script videovideowho
1 New York 2 LA Rachael McEnaney script videovideododoWHo

January 2014
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
36 Round And Round Guyton Mundy script videovideoDodo
35 We Remain Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
34 Most Of All Ria Vos script video
33 Me U & The Music Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse script video
32 *Woman To Man Winnie Yu script video
31 *Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson script video
30 *Islands In The Stream Karen Jones script video
29 *Funky Cha Cha Barry Durand script videovideo
28 A Little Samba Winnie Yu script videovideoWHoWHoDodovideovideo
27 *Summer Wine Winnie Yu script video
26 *2 Butterflies Winnie Yu script video
25 *Disco RemIx Winnie Yu script hilda
24 *Mice Love Big Rice Winnie Yu script vincee
23 Stars Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Raymond Sarlemijn script videovideo
22 Ritmo Ria Vos script video
21 Boogy Boogy Norman Gifford script video
20 Blurry Lines Alison Johnstone script videovideo
19 Do What You Want! Craig Bennett script video
18 The Boss Wil Bos script videovideo
17 Breathe Easy Maria Maag script videoWHo
16 Demons Amy Glass script videoWHo
15 Walk Alone Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie script videovideoWHo
14 Feels Like ....... Lesley Clark script WHo
13 Drifter Guton Mundy script videovideovideoWHo
12 Undefeated Guyton Mundy script videovideovideo
11 Firestarter Alison Johnstone & Adeline Cheng script videovideoWHo
10 Doin' It Right Rachael McEnaney script WHo
9 Feeling Hot Rachael McEnaney script WHo
8 Blake N Trace Rachael McEnaney script WHo
7 On My Knees Jacob Ballard script videoWHo
6 Timber Peter & Alison script videoWHo
5 Cups Jean-Pierre Madge script videovideododoWHo
4 We Forgot To Dream Gaye Teather script WHo
3 Put The Gun Down Guyton Mundy script guytonDodo
2 I Just Can't Let You Go Wil Bos & Aurélie Clota script videoWHo
1 The Tango Project Daniel Whittaker script Who

December 2013
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
32 * The Fox Raymond Sarlemijn, Darren Bailey, Line Sarlemijn, Lisa Albrigtsen Wenche Malene Bjerke & Kelli Haugen script video
31 Billy Jean Waltz Esmeralda van de Pol script Who
30 * Baby Chihuahua Winnie Yu & Winnie Ho script video
29 * Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson script dodovideo
28 * Stroll Along Cha Cha Rodeo Cowboys script video
27 Circle of Love Train Rachael McEnaney script poohvideo
26 Aguardiente (Firewater) Norman Gifford script video
25 McMove Rachael McEnaney & Linda McCormack script videovideo
24 *Shawty With U Dodo Wong & Samantha Yeung script Dodo
23 Love Me Right Rachael McEnaney & Amy Glass script video
22 Losing My Head Esmeralda van de Pol script videoWho
21 I'm Mad Brenda Shatto script videoWHo
20 *EZ Body Cha Winnie Yu script video
19 *EZ Tango Winnie Yu script maria
18 *Start To Waltz Winnie Yu script vincee
17 *A Little Cha Winnie Yu script Hilda & Winnieye
16 *EZ Hands Up Winnie Yu script vincee
15 *Little Quizas Winnie Yu script WHo
14 *EZ Cha Cha Winnie Yu script maria
13 *Start To Mambo Winnie Yu script maria
12 *Pooh's Merengue Winnie Yu script maria
11 *My Girl Sally Audrey Watson script videododo
10 *A Happy Cha Winnie Yu script dodoWHo
9 *Little Waltz Winnie Yu script dodo
8 *When Winnie Yu script Dodo
7 No Diggity Blues Darren Bailey, Roy Verdonk script videovideo
6 *Just A Kiss Robbie McGowan Hickie script WHo
5 Told You So Jannie Tofte Andersen script videovideo
4 Smoke-N Vernine Adkins, Debbie Vandervoort, & Jo Dike script videovideo
3 Pasanda Pat Stott & Sandra Speck script video
2 Margherita Ira Weisburd script videovideo
1 Gig Thang 4 Big Girls (BT4BG) Kounty Line (artist) video

November 2013
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
34 The Fox Linedance (What Does The Fox Say?) Raymond Sarlemijn, Darren Bailey, Line Sarlemijn, Lisa Albrigtsen Wenche Malene Bjerke & Kelli Haugen script video
33 Running Scared Yvonne Anderson script videovideo
32 Liar Liar Wil Bos script video
31 Beautiful Me Francien Sittrop script video
30 Detroit City Kate Sala script
29 Old Skool Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris & Francien Sittrop script videoWHo
28 Coolio Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno script dodovideovideo
27 I'll Still Love You Mary Frances Chua script dodo
26  *Country As Can Be Suzanne Wilson script dodo
25  *Disco Cindi Talbot script dodo
24  *Charleston Unknown script dodo
23  *Electric Slide Unknown script dodo
22  *Pooh Country Winnie Yu script dodoDodo
21 Fly High Maggie Gallagher script videodanceWHo
20 Mama Makossa Ria Vos script videoWHo
19 Never Should Have Ria Vos script videoWHo
18 Come To Papa Ria Vos script WHo
17 Don't Say Goodbye Alison & Peter script video
16 Hit The Road Jack Alison & Peter script video
15 Weep Guyton Mundy script videovideoWHo
14 * Freaky Girl Master In Line script videovideo
13 Turn The Night Up Will Craig script videoWHo
12 Light In The Winter Thompson Szymanski, Michele Burton, Michael Barr script videoWHo
11 Like I Do Jan Brookfield script video
10 Beautiful Friend Dave & Pauline Baycroft, Rachael McEnaney, Dee Musk & Shaz Walton script video
9 * City Limit Yvonne Anderson script videovideo
8 Take Your Time Girl Nisrine Verdonk,  RoyVerdonk script videovideo
7 Shakin' My Head Guyton Mundy & Chris Humbug Atkinson script video
6 Straighten Up Jo Thompson script video
5 Counting Stars Simon Ward script video
4 Sultry! Rob Fowler script videovideoWHo
3 Baila Mas mAs maS Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk script videovideoWHo
2 Sexy Lady Craig Bennett script video
1 A Little Bit Gypsy Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script WHo

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