Dances Taught


Feature Dances
A Tiny Waltz LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Aug.2014 (Issue 220) 

Little Foxtrot LFPooh
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jan.2011 (Issue 177) - Dance of the Month , No.8 Teaching Survey Chart

Baby Chihuahua
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Jul.2013 - Teaching Survey by Alphabetical @ Jul 16,2013

Little Mockin' Bird Cha
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.29 / 50 Beginner Line Dance Chart @ Dec 18,2010

EZ Shanghai Surprise
Linedancer Magazine (UK) Dec.2010 - No.16
Teaching Survey Chart
@ Dec 18, 2010

EZ Waka Waka
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.9 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 17, 2011

Baby, Just A Kiss BabyJustAKiss
Linedancer Magazine (UK) No.4 Teaching Survey Chart @ Mar 23, 2011

Summer Wine
3rd place - 2004 Windy City Line Dance Mania (USA) Choerography Contest

Dances Taught

Hi, all instructors around the world, welcome to my web site.
Below are the latest dances I have taught in my classes.
Feel free to use it as a guideline for your classes. Have Fun !!!

 * Dance re-taught pooh Demo by Winnie Yu YT Demo by Choreographer

upside down corner Upside Down Corner
YT Demo by Pooh's Team Instructor or others

March 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
25Run Me Like A RiverJo & John Kinser, Guillaume Richard, Roy Verdonk & Jef Campsscriptvideo
24*Careless WhisperPaul McAdamscriptvideo
4Little Aople EZWinnie Yuvideo
4EZ Cake By The OceanSandy Goodmanvideo
4Quando When QuandoVera Fisher & Teresa Lawrence video
4Bosa NovaPhil Dennington video
4Always 17Kate Salavideo
4Disco RemixWinnie Yuvideo
4Past Love As A DreamWinnie Yuvideo
23My Oh MyDee Muskscriptvideo
22Grace..Neville & Julievideo
21Deep EndCraig Bennettscriptvideo
20I Will Not Say GoodbyeDee Muskscriptfacebook
19In Or OutDwight Meessen & Jose Miguel Belloque Vanescriptvideovideo
18Whistle While You Work ItJo & John Kinser, Ruben Luna, Philip Sobrielo & Rebecca Leescriptvideo
17The Ghost Of YouRoy Verdonk & Sebastiaanscriptvideovideo
3EZ Body ChaWinnie Yuvideo
3Monica EZWinnie Yuvideo
16Waiting For Me...Neville & Julievideo
15Open My HeartMaria Maagscriptvideovideo
14LevelsWill Craigscriptvideo
13Scared Of The Dark Maggie Gallagherscriptviemo
2Reflection 2Winnie Yuvideo
2CuCuWinnie Yuvideo
2Brokenhearted EZWinnie Yuvideovideovideo
12Scared Of The DarkDaniel Whittakerscriptvideo
11Paddy's ChoiceGary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagherscriptvideoscript
10Dy Na MiteDee MuskscriptvideoFacebook
9Change My WayJose Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonkscriptvideo
8Refund To My HeartRia Vosscriptvideovideo
7DungaDwight Meessenscriptvideo
6Nancy MulliganMaggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reillyscriptvimeo
5Thumbs UpScott Blevins & Amy Glassscript
4Shape of YouFiona Murray & Roy Hadisubrotoscriptvideo
1Little Mockin' Bird ChaWinnie Yuvideo
1Be There In Your MorningMicaela Svensson Erlandssonvideo
3When Someone Stops Loving YouJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
2Last TextGary O'Reillyscriptvideovideo
1Worth Fighting ForRoy Verdonk & Jef Campsscriptvideo

February 2017 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
4Little FoxtrotWinnie Yuvideo
25Funky SoleRobbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winsonscriptvideo
24Love RemainsGary O'Reillyscriptvideo
23Mr Dee JayDee Muskscriptvideo
22Stay My LoveMaggie Gallagherscriptvideo
21Dream OnMaggie Gallagherscriptvimeo  video
201,2,3...FloorSimon Ward & Jose Miguel Belloque Vanescriptvideovideo
19Chase That DollarDustin Bettsscriptvideovideo
18Happily Ever AfterMaddison Gloverscriptvideovideo
17The ViolinKate Salascriptvideovideo
16Thy WillJoey Warrenscriptvideo
15The AnthemScott Blevinsscriptvideo
14Baby ItalianoBetty Leescriptvideovideo
13Together Forever ValentineBetty Leescriptvideo
12Made In The ShadeRachael Mcenaney-White & Jo Thompson Szymanskiscriptvideo
11Monica EZWinnie Yuscriptvideo
10Brokenhearted EZWinnie Yuscriptvideovideovideo
9Pink ChampagneRachael McEnaney-Whitescriptvideo
8Look Good AgainDarren Baileyscriptvideovideo
7Let The Good Times RollRia Vosscriptvideo
6SkinRia Vos scriptvideo
5Pink ChampagneDaniel Trepat & Roy Verdonkscriptvideo
4I Don't MindFred Whitehouse & Shane Mckeeverscriptvideovideo
3One Life, One LoveGuillaume Richardscriptvideo
2East To West 17Alison Johnstone & Simon Wardscriptvideo
1Summer KissIra Weisburdscriptvideovideo

January 2017 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
29JumpshotJose Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtlandscriptvideovideo
28Road Less TraveledGuillaume Richardscriptvideo
27Tell Your Heart To Beat AgainJo Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren & Michael Barrscriptvideo
26Na Na Ay!Roy Verdonk & Jef Campsscriptvideo
25Wants and NeedsDarren Bailey and Kevin Formosascriptvideo
24In Your SuitcaseRaymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
23I Love MeRoy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland & Eleni de Kokscriptvideo
22Viva LocoKate Salascript
21 * RecoveringGuillaume Richardscriptvideo
20Femme Like UEsmeralda van de Polscriptvideovideo
19Love CentricRoy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtlandscriptvideovideo
18The QueenRemi Lemaire, Guillaume Richard & Gaetan Bachelleriescriptvideo
17 * If I Wuz UNeville & Juliescriptvideo
2Tango With The SheriffAdrian Churmvideo
16Hey Mama!Alexis Strongscriptvideovideovideo
15Contigo Cha ChaChristina Yangscriptvideovideo
14GravityRob Fowlerscriptvideovideovideo
13Tango With Me DarlingRob Fowler & Daniel Whittakerscriptvideovideovideo
12All Shapes & SizesKirsten Matthiessen & Jannie Toftle AndersenscriptFacebookvideovideo
11DownMaria Maagscriptvideo
10* Halo 2Winnie Yuscriptvideo
9* Don't Let The Sun Go DownSimon Ward & Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
8Join The PartyWil Bos & Suzi Beauscriptvideo
7* Careless WhisperPaul McAdamscriptvideo
6Money MakerRia Vos & Kate Sala
5Guiding StarKim Ray & Dwight Meessenscriptvideo
4It's Gotta Be YouNevile & Juliescriptvideo
3A Show Of BurlesqueWil Bosscriptvideo
2Bored Ria Vosscript
1Turn To MeWil Bosscriptvideo
12 ButterfliesWinnie Yuvideo
1Waltz IIUnknown Choreographervideo
1EZ Cake By The OceanSandy Goodmanvideo
1D.H.S.S.Gaye Teathervideo

December 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
3 Rio Diana Lowery video
3 Little Quizas Winnie Yuvideo
9Sun Will RiseRoy Verdonk & Jef Campsscriptvideo
8GorgeousDarren Bailey & Raymond Sarlemijnvideovideo
7HeartbeatMiguel Menendez & Daniel Trepatscriptscript
6ShadyDarren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse & Amy Glassscriptvideo
5Oops BabyRachael McEnaney & Cody Flowersscriptvideo
4Stomp Your FeetShane McKeeverscriptFacebook
3Rockabye BabyJef Camps & Lee Hamiltonscriptvideo
2L.O.V.E.Darren Baileyscriptvideo
1Take The MoneyDarren Bailey, Daniel Trepat & JP Madgescriptvideo

Vegas Dance Explosion 2016
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
17Once In a WhileFiona & Roy Hvideo
16Like There is no YesterdayRoy Verdonkvideo
15Tonight AgainJo Thompson, Guyton Mundy & John Robinsonvideo
14Why Baby WhyMaddison Glovervideo
13Keep It GroovinJo Thompson & Scott Blevinsvideo
12Risk It AllSimon Wardvideo
11Hollaback GirlsPhilio Sobrielo Genevideo
10Se AcaboRaymond Sarlemijn, Jo & John Kinser, Fiona Murray & Roy Hvideo
9That LoveWill Craigvideo
8Feel ItJackie Mirandavideo
7Till The Diggy DawnWill Craig & Danny Malenfantvideo
6Gimmie GimmieRebecca Leevideo
5Take Me To The WaterRoy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murrayvideo
4Tell Me The TruthBrenda Shattovideo
3Do Something CrazyGuyton Mundy & Shane McKeevervideo
2Sound of SilenceGuyton Mundyvideo
1One ReasonGuyton Mundy, Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murrayvideovideo

November 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
4Summer WineWinnie Yuvideo
4EZ Cheeky ChaWinnie Yuvideo
3A Little WaltzWinnie Yuvideo
30I Guess I'm Loving YouJose Miguel Belloque Vanescriptvideo
29Echoes of LoveMaggie Gallagherscriptvideo
28Taking OffKate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickiescriptvideo
27My VibeNeville & Juliescriptvideo
26What About TonightRobbie McGowan Hickiescriptvideo
25* Hell If IJo & John Kinser & Mark Furnellscriptvideo
24Se AcaboRaymond, Roy H, Fiona Murray, John & Jo Kinserscriptvideo
23Until I See You Again Jef Campsscriptvideo
22One ReasonGuyton Mundy, Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murrayscriptvideovideovideovideo
21Will You Call Me?NIels Poulsenscript
20Back HomeWill Craigscriptvideo
1924K MagicRob Fowlerscriptvideo
18Tell Me The TruthBrendo Shattoscriptvideo
17Til The Diggy DawnWil Craig, Danny Malenfantscriptvideo
16What Should I DoWil Bosscriptvideo
15Dig Your HeelsMaddison Gloverscriptvideo
14I Got FaithNevillie & Juliescriptvideovideo
13Heaven On EarthSimon Ward & Malene Jakobsen1scriptvideovideo
12Last Change DanceMaddison Gloverscriptvideovideo
11* American KidsRandy Pelletierscriptvideo
10* Sexy Back aka MarmiteShaz Walton & Ben Martinscriptvideo
9Come Home...Gary O'Reillyscriptvideo
8Pull Me CloserShane McKeeverscriptvideo
7HurtsMaggie Gallagherscriptvideo
6Don't Talk AnymoreRebecca Lee & Jaszmine Tanscriptvideo
5MeteoriteRob Fowler & Tina Argylescriptvideo
4Turn It Up Up Up UpPerer & Alisonscript
3The RoseMaria Maagscript
2Well SwungDaniel Whittakerscriptvideo
1Hey StangerRoy Verdonk & Amy Glassscriptvideo

October 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
4Rose Rose I Love YouUnknownvideo
26Found LoveRaymond Sarlemijn, Kelli Haugen, Darren Bailey & Roy Verdonkscriptvideo
25Vegas Baby!Rachael McEnaney, Shane McKeever & Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
24Looking Like ThatRachael McEnaney-Whitescriptvideo
23ItalianoRachael McEnaney, Shane McKeever & Niels Pouslenscriptvideo
22The RiverNeville & Julievideo
3Dun Play PlayKenny Tehvideo
21Sound Of SilenceGuyton Mundyscriptvideo
20My Middle NameWillie Brown & Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
19Keep It Groovin'Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson scriptvideo
18Rated RKarl-Harry Winson & Daniel Whittakerscriptvideo
17Human After AllRia Vosscript
16Blame It On My HeartRia Vosscript
15CT ShuffleFred Whitehouse & Darren Baileyscriptvideo
2EmergencyFrank Trackvideo
14T.A.C. (That Ain't Cjountry)Fred Buckley and  Vivienne Scottscriptvideovideo
13Schoolyard KingDarren Baileyscriptvideovideo
12Want You CloseNeville & Juliescriptvideo
11Pom PomsFred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat & Guillaume Richardscriptvideo
10FallingRachael McEnaneyscriptvideo
1WhoopsDee Musk
9Do Something CrazyGuyton Mundy & Shane McKeeverscriptvideo
8Burning PassionJulia Wetzelscriptvideovideo
7Don't Need ItNiels Poulsenscriptvideovideo
6Girls TalkFred Whitehousescriptvideovideo
5CrashFred Whitehousescript
4Mirror Mirror Guillaume Richardscriptvideo
3Fine MessRia Vos & Dee Muskscript
2You're Only Young OnceMicaela Svensson Erlandssonscriptvideo
1Come On CloserJef Campsscriptvideovideo

September 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
34Why I Love You!Niels Poulsenscriptvideo
33I Came To Love YouGary O'Reilly & Dee Muskscriptvideo
32Like ThatRob Fowlerscriptvideo
31Come On Come OnJulia Wetzelscriptvideo
30Wanna Be Where You AreJef Camps & Jose Miguel Belloquescriptvideo
29Shake A Tail FeatherIra Weisburdscriptvideo
28Don't Cry AnymoreRoy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland & Eleni de Kokscriptvideo
3Qiao Qiao MenIrene Yeovideo
27One dance Turn Me OnPhilip Sobrieo, Rebecca Lee, Jose Miguel & Tomohiro ilzukascriptvideo
26On FireDee Muskscriptvideovideo
25RecoveringRichard Guillaumescriptvideo
24Isn't EnoughWil Bosscript
23Hey Hey!Pat Stottscriptvideo
22So SupersitiousLinda McCormack & Gary O'Reillyscriptvideo
21LemonadeJo Thompson & Malene Jakobsenscriptvideo
2Tibet Love SongUnkonwn Choreograper
2Disco BeatWinnie Yuvideo
2Colours of the WindMary Chanvideo
2EZ NC2Winnie Yuvideo
20Tell That DevilCathy Hodgson & Dee Muskscript
19A Moment Of RomanceMaylee Lee & Amy Yangscriptvideo
18Falling For YouWil Bos & Jef Campsscript
17Main AttractionJannie Tofte Andersen, Joey Warren, Kirsten Matthiessenscriptvideo
16Wow AsiaRoy Verdonk, Roy Hadisubroto, Jose Miguel Belloque Vanescriptvideovideo
15You Let Me ShineCathy Dacumosscriptvideovideovideo
14ZillionaireGuyton Mundyscript
118 StepsUnkonwn Choreograpervideo
13Daddy LessonsKate Salascript
12Say It AgainKate Salascript
11IntranquiliteGuillaume Richardscriptvideo
10Buona Sera SenoritaJose, Roy, Daniel & Jonasscriptvideovideovideo
9Holiday In SpainDaniel Trepat & Roy Verdonkscriptvideovideo
8*I Can't Stop Loving YouJennifer Jouscript
7CinderallaEWS Winson & Adeline Chengscriptvideovideo
6Love MeJo & John Kinser, Travis Taylorscript
5I Need The Sun To BreakKlara Wallmanscriptvideo
4Take Me To The RiverRoy Verdonk & Jonas Dahlgrenscriptvideovideo
3When You Love SomeoneGary O'Reillyscriptvideovideo
2Love AddictionScott Schrank, Amy Christian & Junior Willisscriptvideo
1Na Na NaKate Sala, Rob Fowler, Daan Geelen, Ivonne Verhagen, Giuseppe Scaccianocescriptvideo

August 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
4Cupid ShuffleUnknown Choreographer
2Jo N Jo TangoJo Thompson
38 Broken Ria Vos script
37 A Little Bit Of Me Julia Wetzel script video
36 Dis Girl Jean Pierre Madge script video
35 Grand Master Sexy Karl Harry Wison script videovideo
34 Nobody But Me Roy, Sebastiaan & Jose script video
33 Russian Roulette Simon Ward & Kate Simpkin script script
32 The Wild Life Scott Blevins script video
31 Superstitious Roy Verdonk, Daniel Trepat, Laura Bartolomei, Nistine Verdonk script video
30 Yes. I'm Ready Darcle DeAngelis script video
29 Drift Away Rob Fowler script
28 I'll Be Yours, You'll Be Mine Will Bos script video
26 Make You Miss Me Brenda Shatto & Jo Kinsor script video
25 It's Your Move Malene Jakobsen script videovideo
24 Kiss The Sky Neville & Julie script video
23 *EZ NC2 Winnie Yu script video
22 *Start To Waltz Winnie Yu script video
21 *EZ Circle Cha Cha Dodo Wong & Winnie Yu script video
20 *Polka Unknown Choreographer script video
19 *YMCA Winnie Yu script video
18 *Little Apple EZ Winnie Yu script video
17 *EZ C'm On Everybody Winnie Yu script video
16 Black and White Dee Musk script videovideo
15 So Into You Neville & Julie script video
14 Halifax Jig Gerard Murphy & Eliazbeth MacDonald script videovideo
13 Good Girls Wil Bos script
12 Agua j Fuego Roy Verdonk, Raymond Sarlemijn, Daniel Trepat script video
11 Suite 16 Karl-Harry Winson script video
10 Beautiful U in Blue Jaszmine Tan script video
9 Someone Who Can Dance Klara Wallman script videovideovideo
8 Tennesse Whiskey Raymond Sarlemijn, Jo & John Kinser & Ksmeralda van de Pol script video
7 Dancing On My Own Kim Ray & Simon Ward script
6 Beautiful Inside Kim Ray script videovideo
5 *Slinding Door Rumba Tai Tsang script video
4 *You Are My World Hsiao Lin script video
3 *Rose Rose I Love You Unknown Choreographer script video
2 *Colours of the Wind Mary Chan script video
1 *Qiao Qiao Men Irene Yeo script video

July 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
4 Come Dance With me Jo Thompson video
4 Dancing in the Street Frank Trace video
39 Just Keep Swimming Kirsten Matthiessen script videovideo
38 Celoso Francien Sittrop script video
37 Different For Girls Neville & Julie script
36 Manjaro Robbie McGowan Hickie script
35 Ti Dico Di Si (I say To You Yes) Ira Weisburd script video
34 Wish I Was Ria Vos script videovideo
33 La Pompa Ria Vos script videovideo
32 No Pressure Peter & Alison script video
31 Englishman In New York Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey script video
30 * Linger Neville & Julie script video
29 * Pay My Rent Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan & Roy Verdonk script video
28 * Throwback Jose Miguel Belloque Vane script video
27 Let's Groove Julie Lockton & Robert Lindsay script video
26 Primer Beso Kate Sala script video
25 Rock and Roll Music Rachael McEnaney script video
24 How You Like It Niels Poulsen script
23 Shake That Maddison Glover script videovideovideo
22 No Mercy Roy Verdonk & Darren Bailey script video
21 Hot Tamales Jr Jo Thompson & John Robinson script videovideo
20 EZ NC2 Winnie Yu script videovideo
19 * Handsclap Bracken Ellis & Brandon Zahorsky script videovideo
18 Wanna Cha Cha  Jaszmine Tan script video
17 Pieces Dustin Betts script videovideo
16 Funk N Feel It Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno script videovideo
15 Whoops Dee Musk script video
14 Far From The Tree Paul James & Jannie Toftle Andersen script video
13 Running Out Of Time Neville & Julie videovideo
12 *Harden Up Princess Simon Ward script video
11 Califlornia Dreamin Rona Kaye script video
10 Chinese Rock Kenny Teh script videovideo
9 *Fragile Fred Whitehouse, Guyton Mundy & JP Madge script video
8 *Make You Move Scott Belvins script video
7 *Get Out The Kitchen Joey Warren script video
6 I Can't Do This Darren Bailey script videovideo
5 * Gypsy Queen Hazel Pace script video
4 Despacito Jean Pierre Madge script videovideo
3 Don't Look At Me Raymond Sarlemijn script video
2 Maybe Tomorrow Niels Poulsen & Malene Jakobsen script videovideovideo
1 Woman Up Rachael McEnaney & Amy Christian script videovideo

Celebrate Dance 2016
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
18 Don't Make Me Suffer Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland & Roy Verdonk video
17 Uma Thurman Derek Steele video
16 Shatter Like Glass Daniel Tobias video
15 Missing You Jill Babinec, Amy Christian & Deb Pancoast video
14 Soul Food Lorenzo Evans video
13 She's Crazy Jill Babinec & Derek Steele video
12 Left In The Dark Vivienne Scott videovideo
11 Pulse Judy McDonald video
10 Send Her My Love Vivienne Scott video
9 You're So Beautiful Lorenzo Evans video
8 Halifax Jig Gerard Murphy & Elizabeth MacDonald videovideo
7 The Waiting Game Joey Warren & Fred Whitehouse videovideo
6 Carry You Home Fred Whitehouse videovideo
5 Work from Home !!! - aka...WFH Guyton Mundy, Fred Whitehouse &
Roy Hadisubroto
4 Pay My Rent Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland & Roy Verdonk videovideo
3 Throwback Jose Miguel Belloque Vane videovideo
2 Fine By Me Fred Whitehouse videovideovideo
1 Fragile Guyton Mundy, Fred Whitehouse & JP Madge videovideovideo

June 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
39 Pay My Rent Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan & Roy Verdonk script
38 Throwback Jose Miguel Belloque Vane script
37 Fragile Guyton Mundy, Fred Whitehouse script
36 * Rio Diana Lowery video
35 * 2 Butterflies Winnie Yu video
34 * Tush Push Jim Ferrazzano & Kenneth Engel video
33 Give Me Your Love Ria Vos script video
32 Brand New Chick Ria Vos script video
31 Fine By Me Fred Whitehouse script
30 One Moment In Time Jaszmine Tan script
29 Stand By Us Adrian Chum, Andrew Palmer & Sheila Palmer, Debbie Ellis, Chris Hodgson, Jef Camps, Miquel Menendez, Gary O'Reilly script video
28 Manjaro Robbie McGowan Hickie script
27 Gypsy Queen Hazel Pace script
26 Love Potion No. 9 Christina Yang script video
25 Knli Knli Roosamekto Mamek script video
24 Cosmos Junghye Yoon script video
23 Tiny Feelings Sue Hsu script video
22 What You Say, What You Do Ashya script
21 Don't You Need Somebody Dwight Meessen script video
20 7 Years Old Chris Hodgsen script
19 Love On The Brain Ross Brown script video
18 H.O.L.Y (High On Loving You) Lee Mamilton script video
17 You Make It Real Amy Glass script video
16 Future Dream Jannie Tofte Andersen script
15 You're So Beautiful Lorenzo 'goLo' Evans script video
14 HandClap Bracken Ellis & Brandon Zahorsky script video
13 The Pressure Allan Bungeneers & Raymond Sarlemijn script video
12 Will You Be There For Me Roy Verdonk & Daniel Trepat script videovideo
11 Walk Of Shame Simon & Niel script video
10 Harden Up Princess Simon Ward script video
9 Get Out The Kitchen Joey Warren script videovideovideo
8 Red Room Scott Blevins script video
7 Make You Move Scott Blevins script video
3 My Girl Sally Audrey Watson video
3 Morning Sha La La Mayee Lee video
2 Duck Soup Frank Trace video
2 Bomp Easy Hanne Pitters video
1 Heat The Beat Winnie Yu video
1 Baby, Just A Kiss Winnie Yu video
6 If I Wuz U Neville & Julie script videovideo
5 Over & Over Kim Ray script video
4 I'm Not Like You Wil Bos & Sebastiaan Holtland script videovideo
3 Blessed Jackie Miranda script videovideo
2 So Just Dance Dance Dance Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume Richard script video
1 Sweet Sugar & Spice Rudy Honing & Wesley F. Wessels  script videovideo

May 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
31 Always You Ria Vos script
30 Watch Me Do Eleni de Kok, Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk script videovideo
4 Por Ti Sere Jo Thompson video
29 Sin Sofia Wesley F.Wessels & Rudy Honing script videovideo
28 Does Ya Mama Know? Shane McKeever script video
3 Tush Push Jim Ferrazzano & Kenneth Engel video
3 A Happy Cha Winnie Yu video
27 Work Song Klara Wailman, Guyton Mundy, Roy Hadisbroto, Fred Whitehouse script video
26 Work from Home !!! - aka...WFH Guyton Mundy, Roy Hadisubroto, Fred Whitehouse script video
25 The Fighter Niels Poulsen, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk script videovideo
24 Dance Like Your Daddy Julia Wetzel script video
23 Hello Hello Robbie McGowan Hickie & Laura Sway script video
22 Aww Honey Kinsten Matthiessen & Jannie Tofte Andersen script video
21 * Sliding Door Rumba Tai Tsang script video
20 Sunshine In My Pocket Amy Glass script video
2 Lipstick, Power & Paint Stephen & Claire Rutter video
2 Clap Your Hands Vivienne Scott video
19 Heat The Beat Winnie Yu script videovideo
18 * Halo Neville & Julia script video
17 Sunshine Day Des Ho script
16 I Can't Stop Loving You Jennifer Jou script
15 Blue Ain't Your Color Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane script videovideovideo
14 I Know A Guy Simon Ward script video
13 Linger Neville & Julie script videovideovideovideo
1 Baby Dolly Winnie Yu video
1 Run, Baby Winnie Yu video
12 * Hush Hush Dee Musk script videovideo
11 The Waiting Game Fred Whitehouse & Joey Warren script videovideo
10 Come And Get It Darren Bailey script video
9 Let's Mess Around Kate Sala script
8 Desperado Julie & Nevile script videovideovideo
7 Mom, The Bomb Niels Poulsen & Alexis Strong script videovideovideo
6 Beat The Heat Wou Bom Ba Winston Yew script videovideovideo
5 Girls Like Neville & Julie script videovideo
4 * Shhh! Nicola Lafferty script videovideo
3 * Solo Amor Rob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge, Fred Buckley script videovideo
2 Corazon Diamante (Diamond Heart) Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reily script videovideovideo
1 My Next Love Niels Poulsen script video

April 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
29 Vacation Jean-Pierre Madge script video
4 Man Chang Fei Unknown  video
4 First Waltz Dee Musk video
28 Corazon Diamante (Diamond Heart) Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reily script videovideovideo
27 Dangerzone Ria Vos script videovideo
26 Shouldn't Be This Hard Neville & Julie script videovideovideo
25 Nobody's Perfect Kate Sala & Ria Vos script videovideo
24 Baby Don't Dance JP Madge script video
23 Moon Trance Rob Fowler script video
22 Solo Amor Rob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge, Fred Buckley script videovideo
21 Jumpin' In The Morning Rob Fowler script video
20 Send Her My Love Vivienne Scott script videovideo
19 Have Fun Rob Fowler video video
3 Little Rumba Cha Winnie Yu video
18 Carry You Home Fred Whitehouse script videovideo
17 Dancing Kizomba Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, David Hoyn, Rebecca Lee, Yeo Yu Puay, Lily Iguchi, Tomohiro Lizuka, Sobrielo Philip Gene script video
2 EZ I Swear Winnie Yu video
16 Take It Off Karl-Harry Winson script video
15 Perfect Harmony Alison & Peter script
14 Shhh! Nicola Lafferty script videovideo
13 Sound of Your Heart Ria Vos script videovideo
12 Is It Desire? Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen script video
11 Run, Baby Winnie Yu script videovideovideo
10 Run Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey script video
9 Feel Good Shane Mckeever script video
8 S.T. one Rachael McEnaney script video video
7 Get Up & Try Ann-Kristin Sandberg script video
Kung Fu Fighting  Winnie Yu videovideo
EZ Tango Winnie Yu video
6 Young & Stupid Fred Whitehouse & Jose Miguel Belloque script video
5 Rainy Night Sebastiaan Holtland script videovideo
4 Be Happy Now Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland script videovideo
3 Part Of The List Malene Jakobsen & Rachael McEnaney script videovideo
2 How I Want Ya Joey Warren & Rachael McEnaney-White script videovideovideo
1  * The Beast Rob Fowler script videovideovideovideovideo

March 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
55 In The Closet Roy Hadisubroto & Linda McCormack script videovideo
54 Vision of Love Simon Ward & Linda McCormack script videovideo
4 EZ Circle Cha  Winnie Yu & Dodo Wong video
53 Killing Me Softly With His Song Nina Chen & Verny Tan script videovideo
52 From The Ground Up Rachael McEnaney & Rob Fowler script video video
51 Pregunta Daniel Whittaker, Karl-Harry Winson & Julie Lockton script videovideo
50 Your Song Maria Maag script video
49 Them Girls Ria Vos & Simon Ward script videovideo
48 Digital Age Daniel Trepat, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk script video
47 Go For It Dee Musk script video
46 Gold Watch Stane McKeever & Fred Whitehouse script video
45 * Sultry! Rob Fowler script video
44 My Love Guyton Mundy & Klara Wallman script video
43 *Bo$$ Scott Blevin & Maria Maag script videovideo
42 Dirty Mind Daniel Whittaker script videovideo
41 Singing In The Rain Daniel Whittaker script video
40 * I'm Mad Brenda Shatto script video
39 I'll Be Alright Maggie Gallagher script video
38 Stop Staring At My Eyes Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen script video
37 * Infinite Love Dodo Wong script video
36 Jamaica Farewell Ira Weisburd script video
35 Well Do Ya? Kim Ray script
34 Die A Happy Man Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren script video video
33 * Rolling In The Deep Maggie Gallagher script video
32 I Never Knew Simon Ward script
31 More Dessert Guyton Mundy & Klara Wallman script video
3 Ghost Train Kathy Hunyaki video
3 Stroll Along Cha Cha John & Janette Sandham video
3 She Bangs Bob Devers script
30 EZ Uma Thurman Winnie Yu video video
29 * Strip It Down Rachael McEnaney script video
28 * Doo Wacka Doo Guyton Mundy & Maria Maag script video
27 I'm Coming Over Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubrodto video videovideo
26 Todos Wil Bos & Gudrun Schneider script video
25 * Stonecold Niels Poulsen & Maria Maag script video
24 * S.X.E. Rob Fowler script
23 * And Get It On Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane script video
22 * Yes! Simon Ward & Jo Thompson Szymanski script video
21 * Rock The House Dan Morrison script video
20 *1-2-3-4 Niels Poulsen script video
19 I'm a Bad Man Klara Walman script video
18 Rebel Cha Michele Perron script video
17 *Dear Future Husband Julia Wetzel script video
2 The Locomotion Jo & Rita Thompson video
2 Mambo 1 J.W. Grimes video
2 40 Steps Unknown Choreographer video
16 * Extreme Love Niels Poulsen script video
15 Slip Away Daniel Whittaker and Karl-Harry Winson script
14 Moonlight Madness Cathy & Kathy script video
13 * Have Fun Go Mad Scott Blevins script video
12 * Diamond & Dust Rob Fowler & Kate Sala script video
11 Remedy Maria Maag & Niels Poulsen script Video
10 Leave Me Behind Jean-Pierre Madge script video
9 * Shades Of Passion Rob Flowler script video
8 * I'm Sexy Jean-Pierre Madge script video
7 Gold Watch Kate Sala script video
6 * Syncopated Rhythm Rob Fowler & Michelle Fowler script video
5 Follow The Sun Francien Sittrop script
4 *Half Past Nothin' Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris script video
3 Tennessee Waltz Surprise Andy Chumbley script video
2 Cheek To Cheek Rob Fowler script
1 Secret Love Maggie Gallagher script
1 Little Waltz Winnie Yu video
1 A Happy Cha Winnie Yu video
1 Samba 1 Unkown Choreographer video

February 2016 LDEX Syllabus (Week 1 -4)
No. Dance Choreographer StepSheet Video
25 * I'm In Love With You Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland script video
24 Lipstick, Powder And Paint Stephen Rutter & Claire Rutter script videovideo
23 Mirror Mirror Robbie McCowan Hickie sript
22 Stand By You Maggie Gallagher script videovideo
21 Sexy Night Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen script video
20 Lover Come Back Scott Blevins script video
4 A Tiny Cha Cha Winnie Yu video
4 Sexy Cha Winnie Yu video
4 Country As Can Be Suzanne Wilson video
19 Sunshine After The Rain Dee Musk script
18 About Feelings Ria Vos script videovideo
17 Plastic Pretty Ria Vos script videovideo
3 Little Rumba Cha Winnie Yu video
3 Start To Sway Sandra Le Brocq video
3 The Lemon Tree Kim Ray video
3 Canadian Stomp Michael Beck video
16 * Amame Robbie McGowan Hickle script video
15 * I Scream! Scott Blevins script videovideo
14 Pop That Lock Karl-Harry Winson script video
13 Ex's and Oh's Amy Glass script
2 Wobble VIC Brentnell video
2 Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee video
2 Blue Rose Is Donna Lent video
12 Cake by The Ocean Scott Blevins script Video 
11 What's Cooking Debbie Rushton script video
10 Slamming Doors Rob Fowler script video
9 Listen Guyton Mundy & Fred Whitehouse script videovideovideovideovideo
8 Blackpool By The Sea Gaye Teather script video
7 Thinkin' Country Simon Ward script video
6 * Enchantment Jo Thompson script
5 Making History Craig Bennett, Dee Musk & Simon Ward script
4 Love Me Down Fred Whitehouse script videovideo
3 Go To Work Joey Ward script video
2  *Titanic Simon Ward script videovideo
1 Baie Baie Mooi Kim Ray script video
1 K Step Boogie Jo Thompson Szymanski & Michele Burton video
1 Start To Mambo Winnie Yu video
1 Pooh's 16 Steps Winnie Yu video
1 Saturday Night Fever Maggie Cadwell video
1 Bang Bang (EZ) Annemaree Sleeth video
1 Mamma Maria Frank Trace video